Q: I had blood testing or other lab work done. How long before I receive the result? How can I receive it?
A: If lab work was ordered, it will take a minimum of 7 days for us to receive results & review everything. Normal results get sent to your patient portal as soon as they are available. However, abnormal results require more processing time and a separate follow-up visit so we can re-evaluate your health status and take care of you based on the result.


Q: I need a prescription refill. What should I do?
A: You can message us through your patient portal or give us a call for an appointment booking. Consultation with you is a prerequisite for us to evaluate your status and manage your treatment plan. Our office does not accept automated refill requests from pharmacies.


Q: What happens if I made a payment and I wasn’t able to push through with my visit?
A: You can call us for rebooking and the payment will be credited to your next visit.


Q: I am a new patient and I need a referral to another specialty. What should I do?
A: A series of consultations and lab work will be necessary for us to establish your health history and confirm the main reason for referral.

Q: I was referred to another specialty, how does the endorsement of care will take place?
A: We will issue the referral together with necessary documentation such as consult notes and lab results to your specialist. We will also provide you with their contact details so you can
contact them directly regarding any inquiries.

Q: What if I need a copy of my consult note?
A: You may call us to process your request and we will send it to your patient portal.